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Saturday, 28 April 2018

it is April after all

Last week we had our breakfast outside,

but this week has been a very different one; the very brief summer spell has gone. 
It is very much a typical April weather now; not very warm, short spells of sunshine and showers, some quite heavy, even a thunderstorm and hailstorm. Yes, this week we had it all.
But despite of that, the spring will not be stopped. 

The crab apple in our garden is covered in blossom,

and violas in their pots just can't wait to show off.

Last week I was in a hurry to look for projects to take outside;
crochet is so portable.

I did some more work on the Mystical Lanterns blanket.
The individual motifs are joined into strips (and strips joined into blanket) -
this is strip no 11 (4 more to go).

The crochet Hygge shawl, which was Scheepjes CAL 2017 (combination of crochet and embroidery) 
has also "seen some light" this week, 
with just a little progress.

Another easy project to take outside -
I started to "build" another house for "Santa's Village" series.

But it is back to indoors - for now anyway.......

Have a good week!

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  1. Oh my goodness, you certainly have a talent for capturing the season in your needle work. You are amazing!
    Connie :)

  2. Your garden looks so beautiful and also the different projects.Good luck with all and with spring!!

  3. Yes, wet and horrid here too. I was away for 5 nights last weekend and the difference in the garden when I got back was amazing! Nice to see your Hygge get an airing and the lanterns are so pretty. xx

  4. You've been busy with all your handwork. I love the continuation of crochet and needlework, that is going to be lovely.

    We had a rainy weekend and a grey day today but our tulips are looking amazing!


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