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Saturday, 12 March 2011

new project in mind

It has been a beautiful spring day today, the temperature just reached a double figure! At last I can say that it has been a real pleasure to spend some time in the garden, to finish pruning the roses, deadhead hydrangeas and generally tidy up. An ornamental cherry, which is in the pot close to the house, is covered in blossom. I could not resist it and had to put it up as my header.

With spring here and Easter coming, I would like to make a tablecloth or a table runner, with some stitchery.

I have been going through my stash to find some suitable fabrics and in the end decided on combination of yellow and blue. As for the stitchery, I haven't yet decided, but perhaps I will stay away from bunnies and chicks. I know I have a file with loads of pattern transfers, but can I find it when I want it?
I thought I had a good tidy up this room!


  1. Grrrr...still -4 but going up next week, perhaps +2!!
    love blue and yellow

  2. I love the fabrics you have chosen. What about lovely cheary flowers and then you can use it at other times too. Love the blossom and I am looking forward to hopefully a cool day to hit my back garden. Fingers crossed it is otherwise I am spending the day either knitting, stitching or sewing. Might even do all three LOL. Really need some down time I think.

  3. Love your new header Radka....and your fabrics go together x

  4. Wow spring at your place? We are still covered in snow but spring is in the air.. Your new project looks wonderful!

  5. Lovely fabrics Radka and an Easter project is a great idea - what about daisies or Easter Bonnets for a theme? We are looking forward to Easter because that will mean the end of our Cyclone Season. Take care!

  6. beautiful header Radka. The blossom is so pretty. As for easter, a spring theme would be ideal and could be used at other times.

  7. What a wonderful header you've chosen for Spring! But I don't think, this "cherry" is already blooming in your garden?? Today we also had a wonderful gardening day and so I am too tired now to sit down and sew. But rain will come again this week, the perfect weather for a sewing day ;-) ! I like the joyful fabrics you choose for your Spring/Easter project.

  8. I think your fabrics are lovely, despite seeing them as purple and green on my monitor. I can't wait to see how it looks. Of course, I'm sure you will make something beautiful, you always do. I have to agree about staying away from bunnies and chicks, they are not quite to my liking. Anything with a Spring theme should work well too surely?? Sorry for my absence, some hiccups happening here.


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