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Friday, 4 March 2011

textile group

Our textile group is meeting one morning a week. Originally started as a social meeting, with some encouragement towards all things textile, we found that some people are only too happy just to come and sit and chat and drink coffee or tea, not engaging in any activity. To give our group more structure, we decided to share any textile knowledge we have among us in a form of short in house workshops. One of our ladies makes fabulous bags, which we have been admiring. She showed us how to make a simple, but well finished, lined bag, in fabrics, design and size of our choice. Most of our materials come from donations to the Centre or have been purchased in charity shops, emphasis being on recycling.

I decided to make a craft bag (of course) and this is the result. I made it with lots of pockets on the outside and a couple on the inside (for mobile phone etc).

My bag was a curtain in its previous life!


I will be leading the next meeting, based on a wall hanging I made a couple of years ago, to encourage our ladies to do some simple stitching and embellishing.

These squares are from dyed blankets and they are fun to do, just using your imagination. I look forward to seeing the results, which we hope to display in the Centre.


  1. How fun! I keep trying to encourage a few of my friends to have a "craft day" at my house once a month, but so far I can't get anyone really interested - except me! LOL!!!

    Your bag is wonderful. I've made bags from vintage bark cloth curtains in the past and they hold up so well. I really need to make one for myself to take on shopping trips! And I love your little wall hanging. So colorful and the shapes are so fun. The ladies are going to love that!!!!



  2. This bag is beautiful and the material is so lovely. Good idea to recycle fabric. Cyndi makes me laugh - she is writing that she is the only one interested in crafts among her friends - there are literature groups and there are coffee drinking groups or cooking groups - I like most the groups where people show and tell and create. Cyndy - where are you living, smile?

  3. Love these! They are so reminiscent of all the good thins in childhood and the recycling bit makes us all feel good. (especially when we splash out on a 'crafty' buy at an exhibition etc., Thanks for your comment on 'Bet'

  4. I love seeing what you have been doing. Recycling a curtain into your wonderful bag is such a great idea. I am also thrifty like that too. The colours are gorgeous on the little squares and I love the designs used on them too. I have had spring bulbs and annuals shooting to life for the past month due to the flooding. The weather has certainly been very interesting here too. Looks like the summer quilt is progressing well too.

  5. Hezké,roztomilé...Pěknou sluneční neděli přeji...


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