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Friday, 4 March 2011

spring? not yet!

We were fooled into thinking that the spring might be here at last. We are back to some cold weather, although dry and at times sunny, but temperatures still hovering around zero. With the very cold north winds it feels much worth.

                              Just a quick trip around the garden today.

                                                      lots of hellebores

miniature narcissus

and the first anemone blanda

Inside, the cymbidium orchids did not disappoint. The first one started to flower well before Christmas and it is still in a full swing!


  1. I don't think Spring can come quickly enough for all of us! At least you have some beautiful flowers's still just stark, cold, and gray here! Ugh!!! Your orchids are brother-in-law has orchids, also. He would love yours!



  2. Your garden seems to be a paradise - wonderful!!!!
    Same weather in South Germany, alsthough our region is the warmest in our country. In the southern part - Schwäbische Alb - we saw still a lot of snow!

  3. Hello Radka, what a welcome sight again, your flowers!! They are always a delight to me, as I don't have those beautiful blooms here. The hellebores are so gorgeous, and I'm blown away by the orchid. I am rushing this morning, and will make sure I have a better look at your photographs on Monday. Take care.

  4. I love hellebores and when I see them blooming, they always give me the feeling that Spring isn't too far away anymore. I still enjoy the time I have for my sewing... knowing this will change in a few weeks when all the gardening starts again.
    Stay warm (it's still very cold here too!),

  5. I love to see the pictures from your garden-you have spring over there,wonderful to see!Hope it will soon come to Sweden too:-))


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