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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

spring quilt festival 3

First, I just have to show you this little beauty, a pulsatilla just in flower in our alpine garden.

You probably know by now that I am not a great quilter, I could not compete with some of you who are turning out wonderful quilts, one after an other, but I like to have a quilt on a go, next to my other stitching.
I also like going to quilt shows, to see what the others are up to, the lovely selections of fabrics and various stitching accessories and pick up ideas, not just in quilting.

I was quite controlled in my spending  this time.
I bought only small amount of fabrics, mainly with my spring table runner in mind.

I came across Maggie Davies, who was just showing on her stand felted pictures, embellished by embroidery. Another technique she was using is painting the background of stitching with fabrics markers before embellishing with a foil and finally stitching. Without any hesitation I bought from her some felting wool and a foil pack.

Maggie was using Fabrico Dual markers, so I just "crossed the road", to Hannah's Room , who just happened to have them on her stand and bought some from her.

The last picture has absolutely nothing to do with quilting, but it is so typical of spring in the part of the country I live in. We always know that the spring has definitively arrived when the "girls", a dairy herd is let out into the fields, after spending many weeks inside during the winter.


  1. Hello Radka, I have just discovered your blog and have been enjoying a read. I like the way you write and we have commonalities, especially Jack of all Trades etc., enjoying quilt shows, having lots of projects on the go and more. Lovely to visit you Di.

  2. Hi Radka, what a beautiful bloom you've shared. It's just lovely. I've never seen it before. I have enjoyed looking at your goodies, and the picture of the dairy herd reminds me of my childhood, as my family 'milked cows'!! BTW, I love the borders on your images, such a lovely colour.

  3. I love the flower and the pic of the cows is gorgeous. Wihs we had that view out back of our place right now LOL. I have not done anything with felting and foil etc. Look forward to seeing what it is all about. Thanks too for sharing all those gorgeous quilts with us. You are very lucky to get to see so many inspiring quilts.


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