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Thursday, 7 July 2011

another Jacobean

I enjoyed my last project so much, that I went back to another embroidery started some time ago, "Floral Delight" in the Jacobean style. This time I am working with space-dyed threads on silk.

"The terms Jacobean and Crewel embroidery can be often confusing. Crewel embroidery refers to any embroidery done using crewel wool - a two-ply worsted wool used for surface stitching.
The term Jacobean embroidery refers more to a style of embroidery.
During the 1600s England imported vast quantities of painted cottons from India, via the East India Company. These cottons featured designs like the Tree of Life, exotic flowers, birds and animals. These designs became very popular and were copied and used in the embroidery of the time. This style of embroidery flourished under the reign of King James 1, from whose full Latin name, Jacobus Brittaniae Rex, the term Jacobean was derived. Beautiful pieces of embroidery were stitched in the Jacobean style using crewel wool."

The above quote is from a book "Embroidery Techniques Using Space-Dyed Threads" by Via Laurie.
As this is the third project I am making from this book, it certainly was a good investment!


  1. I like so much this style of embroidery - The Jacobean style. I don't like embroidering with wool - perhaps because the wools available here are not good quality - and love silks :)

  2. You certainly have made good use of that book Radka. I am liking what I see of your project, lovely colours. I must also mention the beautiful bowl of blooms at the beginning of the post - just gorgeous.

  3. Those threads sound wonderful and I love this style too. I seem to be having one of those non stitching days today LOL but I am catching up on sitting around looking at books, playing the piano and catching up on blogs.

  4. Thank you for the good explanation, Radka, tell me what exactly is space dyed thread?? Your photos of your peonies are so so so beautiful.

  5. Oh, I had another look and saw now that they are roses!!!!
    Most beautiful!

  6. Such beautiful work Radka, a style I also love. Space dyed threads always attract me but I'm not always sure how to use them to best efect. So ... I think that book will have to go on my Christmas list!!

  7. Such beautiful embroidery. Not something that I know how to do.

  8. Es un bordado muy bello!!


  9. That book looks very interesting. I too would like to know about space dyed threads. I love the Jacobean style but have never had a go at it yet. The roses are gorgeous!!

  10. The bowl of roses is gorgeous and makes me smile each time I see it.
    Your embroidery is lovely and the rich colours seem to give the design extra depth.


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