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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Jacobean embroidery

At last I finished a project, started in March workshop with lovely Beppy Berlin, called "Jacobean with a Difference".
Although Jacobean embroidery is traditionally stitched in wool threads, Beppy introduced us to a different interpretation, using a mixture of metallic threads and organza, next to cotton and silk threads, with a touch of goldwork with some kid leather.
Beppy always brings a lot of her own beautiful work to show and inspire us. For most of us it was the first time we used a kid leather and organza in our embroidery, so it was this part we all stitched first, while under Beppy's supervision. The concentration! And yes, this was all I went home with!

But I did enjoy this type of embroidery very much and I was determined to finish it eventually and not just put it in a draw....

Finished "Jacobean with a Difference"

It was also the first time I used lovely Pearsall's silk threads, so lovely to stitch with.

Threads: Pearsall's threads - shades 157, 159, 347, 076
               Anchor stranded cotton - shade 261
                                                       + pale green shade which no longer has a label
               Gutermann metallic - silver
Kid leather from Golden Hinde


  1. Just beautiful Radka, I love the subtle green/blues in this piece.

  2. Beautiful embroidery - it is many years since I did any emroidery!

  3. Gorgeous embroidery Radka. You must be so pleased to have finished it.

  4. Radka, WOW, that turned out beautifully. You must be thrilled with it. The colours are lovely, soft and soothing. I'm sure it will find a place in your lovely home. I have to dash, family here later today, big pot of soup on the stove, must get back to my stirring. Isn't it lovely to see that we can approach traditional embroidery in a contemporary way. I love all these new products we can buy.

  5. That's the 1st Jacobean emb I've seen in ages! Beautifully done. I'll have to look for some silk threads. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I never before have seen Jacobean embroidery. And I always am overwhelmed of all the skill and various techniques you know. My compliments!

  7. Beautiful colours and I love the stitches you have used too. It is a wonderful piece.

  8. Radka, I admired it already on the stitchin fingers. It is so beautiful and modern looking, which I like especially. Taking pictures of a work in progress is wonderful!

  9. Gorgeous embroidery! Work is fine thread!And beautiful colours!

  10. Beautiful embroidery Radka, I like the colours the blend beautifully. Jacobean is a very satisfying technique.... you are a very talented lady.


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