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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

bees, butterflies and mushrooms

We are having some glorious weather, warm, dry and sometimes even sunny. Could this be the start of the beautiful autumn we wished for ? I hope so. Even butterflies and bees have found our garden at last.

It has been an anxious time for the bees this year. Firstly a late frosts destroyed tree blossoms. This was followed by the wettest summer since 1912 (!), so little pollen for bees to collect. We like to buy a local honey, but until now there wasn't any in the local shops, it seemed that the beekeepers would have to keep most of the honey back, to keep their bees alive through the cold months. So it is so nice to see our little stripy friends busying themselves in our garden at last.
And yesterday I found the first jar of local honey in our shop.


Autumn has its own attractions and a good autumn can be wonderful!

One of the pleasures for us is picking forest mushrooms. 

The mushroom season starts for us much later then in the rest of Europe. Actually, it is much harder to pick them here, as they start growing about the same time as the leaves are changing colour and start falling from the trees, so the mushrooms are not always easy to see. On our walk this morning we spotted first signs,  something is growing at last!
And not long after that :


We did not come home empty-handed. 

I know, I know, this is a very small find by some of your standards, but this is just the start of the season. 
In the past we had some good years for mushroom picking, lets hope this year will be a good one also.
But it was enough for a good breakfast.
Ahhh, the smell - you can't buy this in a supermarket!


  1. Ciao Radka carissima, che belle immagini, bello l'inizio dell'autunno.
    Noi abbiamo avuto una lunghissima estate bollente, una cosa incredibile, in questo momento, per fortuna, sta iniziando a piovere

  2. Nadherne zabery z prirody!
    Pri pohledu na panvicku s houbickama ma maslicku se mi sbihaji sliny v pusince :0)
    Ahoj z Hamburku!

  3. Lovely photos!
    Autumn -I hope it will be a wonderful season too.Next week we go to Värmland.
    Hugs Gudrun

  4. Fabulous pictures, and I love the heading for your blog.
    Long may this warm weather last. I like September, with it's misty mornings and the promise of sun later.
    Nice colours too!

  5. Thank you, dear Radka, for sharing such lovely photos with us :-).
    I do enjoy them so very much.
    Your haouse (last post) are lovely. I tried to find a link to Yoko Saito, but no luck.
    Have a nice evening.

  6. Wow, wonderful autumn-pictures! You must be born with a camera in your hands. It´s lovely to see that the bees gets a chance to fill up with some extra pollen. The jar with honey is cristal clear and sooo beautiful! Enjoy your late summer days!

  7. awesome photos, as ever. I can smell those mushrooms from here.

  8. The balance of nature is critical to everything.

    Having bees in the garden is a joy - things feel right with the world.

    I'm envious of those forest mushrooms - I could almost smell that beautiful earthy fragrance and I'm 12,000 miles away!


  9. Danke liebe Radka, für die wunderschönen Herbstfotos. Ich beneide Dich um die schönen Pilze, bei uns in den Wälder ist es leider so trocken, dass keine Pilze wachsen wollen. Ich wünsche Dir, dass Du auf Deinen Spaziergängen noch viele essbare Pilze findest und ich wünsche Dir schöne Nähideen für den Herbst.
    Liebe Grüße, Sigrid

  10. Your photos are so lovely and I like your works in the slide show very much.

  11. Dear Radka, Such a lovely post, I loved to read it, to see your beautiful garden and to see the scenes of your morning walks. Seems that you had a delicisous breakfast -
    have al nice day

  12. HI! Radka,The Autumn garden photos are so colourful and I would love finding those forest mushrooms. Hope there is some sunny days in Autumn for you to enjoy.

  13. Nice pictures :-)
    Autum is a nice time of the year.

  14. Beautiful photographs!!I bought two jars of local honey myself today. Yummie! Have a nice weekend! Love, Alexandra.


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