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Saturday, 8 September 2012

word verification

I want to add my support to Karen from Log Cabin Quilter and her post "Word verification is driving me nuts". The jumble of letters and so often unclear numbers is driving me nuts too.
I like to visit as many of you as I can and leaving a comment is a polite, friendly and enjoyable thing to do.
I am not a robot, and I don't think of myself as being stupid either, but sometimes it takes me 2, 3 even more tries to get it right; too often recently I have given up and moved on to the next blog. Life is just too short!
You have a choice of having any new comments emailed to your computer, so you can always go to your blog and press the bin sign under the comment to delete it, if it is a comment you don't like. Or you can choose to "moderate" all comments before they appear on your blog.
I know that more and more bloggers feel like I do, some don't comment at all on blogs with word verification. Just think how many friends (or potential friends) you are loosing. I don't have word verification on my blog and to date I have not received any unwelcome comments. May be a spam email now and then, which I just don't open and delete.
So, please consider changing your blog setting and say NO to word verification. If you don't know how to do this:  go to your "settings", choose "posts and comments" and NO in "show word verification?".

While I am on the subject of comments, I really like to answer directly all your comments left on my blog, because I value very much your visits and your friendship.
However, too many of you are still "no reply-comment blogger", which makes it impossible to send you a personal answer. To change this, you need to add your email address to your profile. I understand that some of you are reluctant to do this, but just think how much harder you are making it for anyone to have a friendly relationship with you, which is a shame.

Have a wonderful weekend, whatever you are doing!


  1. G,Day Radka, I agree with your comments and like the perenial Hibiscus, I have had a few but the wind eventually knocks them over.

  2. I like the sound of it: Life is too short to prove I'm not a robot". I turned off word verification months ago and rarely get spam comments. Comment moderation works just fine. I may post on this subject as well.

  3. Hi Radka, it couldn't agree more. It has really stopped me posting comments on some blogs.
    I turned it off on my blog ages ago and it has not caused any problems.

  4. I turned mine off too for this very reason. Blogger is very good a picking up spam which can easily be deleted.
    I too often move on when I see that word verification is needed.

  5. Very good,Radka!
    I agree.
    have a nice weekend.
    Hugs Gudrun

  6. you're so right!
    I wrote a post about it too


  7. i turned mine off ages ago and i dont have a problem with spam either. i do have moderation switched on so i can delete those spam comments before they are posted. blogging is a great way to meet like minded people and also provides inspiration as well.

  8. Hai perfettamente ragione Radka, mi fanno impazzire quelle parole strane e contorte, a volte vorrei lasciare con molto piacere il mio commento su qualcosa che mi piace. ma credimi, spesso ci rinuncio perchè impazzisco a dimostrare ad un robot, che io non sono un robot. Baci

  9. Dear Radka,
    It is really not a pleasure to leave a comment, after all this terrible letters, numbers and to make sure that you are no robot. That's the silliest thing of all -
    have a great weekend

  10. Hello RAdka,
    nice post about word comment box will be filled with so many spam if there is no word verification..but I too removed it now as others too suggested me to do so..I felt If no one is responding me whom to write blog posts..:)

  11. Hi, I just happened to see your blog, and the title of your post. You might have seen the Badge/Image on some blogs saying Word Verification is off (you will see it on my blog). It is a great problem for many, as the letters and numbers are unreadable! Thank you for spreading the word :-)

  12. I sooo agree. I turned it off months ago and have not had any problems . I got one that was all smudged, one that I swear was arabic and MANY that are just impossible! I think only a robot can understand them!!

  13. Hi Radka, sorry I missed this post. I've been very slow with blogging lately. I am not sure if the jumbled letters come up on mine. I have tried to stop them. I hate them too, and have to admit to having to make three or more attempts to have my comment published. It is infuriating. What you have posted here is the way it is, and your post is so to the point. Cheers.

  14. Hello Radka, Yes verification is a pest and I have been thinking of turning it off also but wasn't sure if I should . I have now turned it off and what a relief and happy to see others have done it also. Thanks x

  15. Thanks, Radka for passing on the word about the word verification problem. Proving to a robot that you aren't a robot got a chuckle from me. Oh, how true!


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