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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

It is cold, cold...
It was -5C before 8 am this morning, when I was driving to work. 
I know this is not so cold by some standards, but it is COLD for us in our part of the world.
Less than 2 hours later the electricity substation near the office caught fire - so no computers, no lights, no heat - we were sent home.
 It could be days before all is back to normal.

So, home early - time for a winter warm up! 
This time of year what I really like is a good, wholesome soup.
This spicy vegetable one has anything I could find at home - root vegetables, winter greens, mushrooms, lentils, herbs & spices .........

Ideal for a day like today.

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  1. makes a change for you southerners to get it colder than us up in the north! Heavy frost here this morning but they say it is getting milder again. Soup looks delicious I also make mine and throw in all sorts!

  2. Yum, your soup looks delicious! Nothing better than a good soup on a cold day.

  3. That sounds very cold to me Radka!
    Your soup looks like the perfect food in Winter - full of nourishment and flavour!

  4. Yes, cold in our region, - south Germany - too, even more to the south than you, what Margaret calls southeners, ha!. And a good soup is really a remedy.

  5. Cold and wet here this morning Radka - I think we had minus 3 or 4 last week. Your soup looks great - I love soups made from whatevers in the fridge. xx


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