Friday, 29 January 2016

baking Friday

I know, this is the time of year we should think "healthy eating" to get over all that Christmas food.
But this weather doesn't inspire, my body is screaming "comfort food"!
And I find baking so comforting, just the process of it;
the kitchen is such a great place on a cold and windy day.

This is a slightly healthier alternative
 (if there is a such thing as a healthy cake!), 
banana and cinnamon 
using maple syrup instead of  sugar.

It is delicious!

And it is never around for long!

© 2016


  1. Looks delicious! Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. It looks delicious Radka!
    Is it rude of me to ask for your recipe?
    I would love to have a morning baking too but there's so much to do outside!

  3. Love banana cakes and this one looks so yummy.

  4. your cake looks mouthwatering, I have never tried banana cake, you have been a busy baker along with your marmalade, wonder if anything else is planned.

  5. I also love baking - but I miss the clientel for it. So I am just making the tiniest possible specimen, tiny tins, a few cupcakes in a large tin.
    I love to see your bright kitchen! Mine is dismantled just now. Better times will come!

  6. Looks delicious Radka - I love banana cake and maple syrup too! xx

  7. Oh what a delicious cake! Please reserve a piece for me!!!

  8. Vyzerá lákavo! Určite chutila!

  9. Lover reading your baking adventures, this one looks delicious also !

  10. Oh yum. My breakfast, was healthy Greek yogjurt and honey. Would be nice to finish with a slice of your banana and cinnamon cake!

  11. Hello Radka, Loved seeing all the baking, marmalade and that delicious banana and cinnamon cake. If I come up from down under can I have a cuppa and a slice of your yummy banana cake. Hope the weather improves.xx


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