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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

marmalade Tuesday

It is that time of year again, when, for a brief period, Seville oranges appear in our shops.
I find the making of jams from any fruit very satisfying, but orange marmalade is rather special, although it is more time consuming
to make. 

I use the whole fruit method - boiling whole oranges first and processing them after. 
I haven't got large enough saucepan, so I have to start with 2.

When they are completely soft, they need to be left to cool down, and then comes the fiddly job of separating the flesh from the peel, getting rid off the pips and slicing the peel.
I know I could make this quicker if I wiz it in the food processor, but I like to see the thinly sliced oranges in my jars of marmalade.

Now the whole lot, plus sugar, goes back into the pan for fast boil, and when the setting point is reached and some cooling down, it is time to "jar" up.

This method makes a thick marmalade, 
(not like the shop bought, which very often resembles an orange coloured jelly), 
with a very strong, sharp orange taste, and a lot less sweet than a commercially produced orange marmalade.  

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  1. looks and sounds mouthwatering Mum used to make marmalade but as she got older she created and used marmade not sure if it is still made, was still better than shop bought though. Have to own up to never making marmalade or jam, cooking is not one of my skills these days

  2. Looks yummy. I was just looking at some recipes yesterday for orange marmalade. I've never made marmalade, although all kinds of other jams. It is indeed satisfying to have a larder full of home made jars.

  3. You can't beat homemade Radka - and I love the chunky bits of peel. xx

  4. making my mouth water just looking at the pictures xx

  5. Radka, to by ma ani nenapadlo robiť:-)
    Veď pomarančovú marmeládu ani nekupujem.
    Robievam hlavne marhuľovú.
    Najviac ma prekvapilo, že sa varia celé pomaranče a krájajú sa šupky. Neviem, u nás sú asi pomaranče ošetrované nejakou chémiou a bála by som sa šupky.
    Ale máš krásne poháre marmelády, láka ma to :-)


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