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Friday, 27 August 2010

about dog and sewing machines

This week has been very wet and nothing much could be done outside. But the sun has at last come out today and I could take a couple of pictures in the garden.

We also have a visitor this week. Her little friends, our grandchildren, are away on holidays, so she is having her holiday with us. She is not young any more, and she is enjoying the peace and quite of our home, but I am sure she is also missing the bustle of little voices.
We don't have any pets ourselves any more, because we like to come and go as we like, but she is very welcome to come when she needs us, she is no problem at all.

I have been contacted by a bloger new to me, Barbara from Switzerland. She left a kind comment on my blog.
In the last post on her blog she writes about her grandmother and her sewing machine, which she herself learned to sew on and which is still in the family. 

 If you have never seen an old Pfaff machine, you can visit  Barbara and have a look. You can also see some of her grandmother's embroidered linen. 

Her blog brings back a lot of memories, I too learned to sew on my grandmother's Singer treadle machine. I am sure many of you have similar memories.


  1. I am sure the old treadle machines helped us to keep our ankles shapely - I learnt on a Singer treadle machine. I sometimes think of that more controlled speed. One's memories always seem to be better than the reality but I do have happy memories of the smooth running of the treadle machine.

  2. What gorgeous flowers again Radka. Your garden is certainly a delight. I love the family pet, what a wonderful dog, but then I'm a dog lover through and through. Thanks again for lovely pictures.

  3. What a lovely friend and how luck you are that you get to enjoy her company. We have a cat and I have to say he is almost my second child ;-) But I completely understand the advantages of being able to come and go. It is always a hassle to sort out the cat for the holidays. I then try to think that most of the year we are NOT on holidays and he is very precious to us then.

    Enjoy the bank holiday weekend!


  4. Thank you for your visit and leaving your kind comment! I just see that you've linked...and so did I :-) !! Your guest friend really looks like the dog that accompanied our children when they were young. Every day we went for a walk with him (it belonged to our friends who had children of the same age as ours). Your post brings memories back to me too :-) !!
    Have a good start into the coming week.

  5. How lovely to have her come and stay. I had a dog for many years (he was 19 1/2 when he died) and miss him terribly, but like you I now want to come and go when I please. But I also have my son's dog to stay for a 'sleep over' when they go away and really enjoy is company.


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