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Friday, 6 August 2010

interesting places on my doorstep

A routine hospital appointment early in the day gave us an excuse to have a day out and explore a little.
Driving around our county always reminds me how diverse this area is: hills, valleys, woods and forests, moors, wetlands and the coast; picturesque villages and old market towns


We decided to visit the Somerset Museum of Rural Life. This is a small museum on the edge of Glastonbury. The exhibition is a reconstruction of a life of one particular farm worker, who is known to had lived in one of the local villages, which makes it more personal.

One of the other places I like is the Somerset Guild of Craftsmen. It is one of the oldest Craft Guilds in the country, with a permanent exhibition in the Courthouse Gallery in Somerton, where there is 60 - 80 craftsment exhibiting at any one time. This is a feast for eyes, and it is very hard to walk away without a purchase.

And then there is the Willows & Wetlands Centre, with the Basket Museum and a shop, one of my favourite places!
Never yet have I managed to come home from there without at least one new item. I love baskets and I use them all around the house.

It would not be a day out without a stop for a lunch in a country pub!


  1. Gracias por mostrarnos esos lugares tan bonitos, son una belleza, me han gustado mucho las tarjetas y sobre todo los objetos de mimbre, me encantan.

  2. It looks like you had a fun day out and saw some interesting things.

  3. Radka, what a lovely time you had. I love seeing buildings and crafts from other places. I too love baskets, although at the moment don't have them 'out'. I particularly love that 'jug' you have the gerberas in, it's really different. Thanks for brightening up a winter's morning here in Oz.

  4. what a lovely outing. I love the baskets. What is the name of the pub. The names of English Pubs are so interesting.

  5. Wish it was just round the corner from our place. What a lovely place to visit.

  6. Interesting places you visited. Thanks for commenting on my blog.


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