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Sunday, 7 November 2010

christmas presents at compton house

Another Saturday and another craft fair and there really was a lot of real craft, to be admired. My friend and I went to the "Shopping Event 2010", held at Compton House , a small Georgian hotel in Axbridge, Somerset.
The exhibitors were set out in the lovely bedrooms of the hotel, with refreshments served outside on the terrace. Yes, outside, in November!
It was hard to believe, but we enjoyed a lovely warm day, sitting comfortably in the garden, even the sun showed its face.

But back to the real reason we were here. There really were some beautiful things on sale;
beautiful jewellery made by Maya from Papillon-Rouge, very special presents for a very special occasions;
lovely products by Lavender &Co, hard to resist;

irresistible soaps by Helen Izzard, who also makes beautiful soft furnishings;

beautifully made various items by the blacksmith Christopher Manley from Anvilart. There was a lot of lovely vintage china, lots of nice jewellery, the list goes on...

I can't show you all may purchases, as some of them are Christmas presents.

What I can show you is a beautiful calendar I bought from Niki of Nostalgia. This is for my work room, to inspire me all through the next year! 

From a lady selling a vintage china I bought this nice, inexpensive, small tray, just right for biscuits or small cakes.

When I got home I studied closer the mark at back (with a magnifying glass) and found that it says "Made in Czecho-Slovakia".

To find out that this little tray and I started our lives in the same country many years ago made a lovely day even more perfect.


  1. What a lovely place to go Christmas shopping in - it beats the chaos of shopping centres. Take care.

  2. Hi, I loved your new little tray!!!
    Looks like you had the most perfect time..

  3. Hi Radka,
    It was lovely to see you on Saturday and thank you again for your purchases.
    I quite often find the really pretty vintage china was made in Czechoslovakia...I'm sure you will come across more on your shopping trips. The 'Victoria' china is often exquisite...I has some with roses and some with violets...and all Czech!

    So pleased you enjoyed your day,
    Niki :)

  4. Another delightful post Radka. So glad you had a wonderful day. My goodness that soap looks wonderful. We share a common passion obviously!! And, what a lovely tray, and such a surprise to see it's country of origin. Well done on another lovely day out and for sharing your always entertaining trips. I also appreciate all the links.

  5. This post is full of gorgeous things. I thought of Linda when I saw the soaps. It is a passion Linda has mentioned to me.
    How wonderful to discover the origins of your pretty little plate.


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