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Thursday, 4 November 2010

Nostalgia in Shepton Mallet

As I mentioned in my last post, the nicest stand at the last week's vintage fair was Niki's, who has a shop in Shepton Mallet. I really wanted to see her shop, away from the crowds of the fair. Shepton is not that far away from me, but it is not normally on my way to anywhere. However, I regularly pick my grandson from a nursery not many miles away, so today I decided to make a small detour and find Niki's shop.
I first visited Shepton Mallet some 17 years ago, when we moved to the West Country and we used to drive around to get to know the area better. It was during the time of the last recession and most of the small local towns were affected, with empty shops and being generally run down. Shepton was no different, but as most other places have since pulled themselves up, Shepton somehow never managed it. There are still too many empty shops. A new shopping centre has been built at the top end of the town, with the usual high street names, with generous parking facilities. You would think that this would bring more people to the town, but it doesn't seem the case. Hopefully, the new interest in the town, awaken by the new BBC television programme Back in Time, which is being filmed here, will also bring the financial support and interest in the empty shops.

You can't miss Niki's shop, Nostalgia. It occupies the prime position in the centre of the town and you are drawn to it by its brightly painted front.

                                   I found Niki inside, a friendly lady, with a lovely smile.

Her pretty shop is full of beautiful things you don't need, but must have.

 Luckily for my purse, I didn't give myself a lot of time for this visit. I came away with only a couple of small purchases, some lovely buttons for my stash and a chiffon scarf, which I already have plans for.
But I know I will be back and I wish Niki every success!

Niki also have on-line shop Nostalgia at the Stone House.

Niki pointed out a couple of other shops of interest; a vintage clothes shop and an antiques shop, but I had to rush to get my grandson, so next time...
A quick visit to a charity shop resulted in another small purchase, I am sure this will be useful for embellishments.

On the way back to my car I discovered a shop with fabrics, threads, ribbons, all thing dear to me. Even more reason to come back!

This afternoon the postman brought an Australian magazine I managed to get over here, with a lovely project
by a blogging friend and a great quilt lady, Frances Leate.


  1. Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow! Niki's shop is absolutely lovely - right up my alley - and I saw so many things I liked just from looking at your photos! I would have loved to have been there with you. Nice to know she has an on-line shop - I'm going to have to go check that out!

    It is a shame that the town has not made a resurgence from the recession. Hopefully, like you said, the new BBC series will bring attention to it and financial support will follow!

    I can't wait to see your photos when you visit the other shops there on your next visit!



  2. love Nikis shop too. Good for her! I also like your application of images beneath the blog....what is it?

  3. Thank you Radka for your lovely words and I hope you enjoy the little fun quilt as much as I did - a great project for using up odd scraps and would lend itself to some embellishment.

    The "Nostalgia" shop was certainly worth a visit and I am sure you could spend quite a bit of time there. Take care.

  4. What a wonderful shop with so many goodies.

  5. Hi Radka,
    Many thanks for your kind blog post...and it was lovely to meet you in person...thank you for taking the detour and for your purchases.

    Lots of people have been visiting shepton after the first episode of Turn Back Time, so fingers crossed things will be on the up soon.

    Have a lovely weekend,

  6. Hello Radka, what a lovely post. Sorry I've been 'away', but home issues have kept me tied up. Thanks for mentioning this great store, it looks super. Also good to see the magazine with Frances' project. She has quite a number published now, excellent to see. Your blog is so pretty. Thanks too for taking the time to visit my blog and comment. I do not take your time for granted.


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