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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

value for money

This is a new magazine on the market, by Leanne Beasley.
When I first saw it advertised, I got quite exited and placed my order with Buttonberry. It is a quarterly magazine, which I believe Leanne Beasley wanted to do for some time.

Please note the price:

£12 incl p&p

I was still exited when the envelope dropped through the door, until I felt how THIN it was.
After opening the the envelope I was very, very disappointed.
The magazine has 35 pages. Yes, there are instructions for block one of a new, 16 part mystery quilt by Leanne, in 8 pages, instructions for a very simple notice board, 4 pages, a table runner, 2 pages.
BUT, there is also a double page on how to make a lemonade, a double page on how to make a chicken sandwich, a double page on how to grow mint in a pot!!!??? Oh, and a visit to Glen Harrow's (?) garden, with pictures of some her quilt collection, 6 pages.
Are you counting pages? By now I was! Take the page with "contents", the page with welcome letter from Leanne Beasley...The rest is not worth mentioning.
Pretty magazine, I might (might) give £4 if I saw it in a shop. Needless to say, I cancelled my subscription, explaining to the ladies at Buttonberry my reasons. From their response I know I wasn't the only one.
Value for money? Well, I definitively don't thinks so, but I would be very interested if anyone else has bought the magazine and what they think of it.

Not all was lost. The postman brought the last past of BOM instructions. I better get stitching!


  1. That's why I want to take a look at a new magazine before ordering it. I have almost finished my 4th heartblock and hope to have it finished before Christmas.

  2. Two posts today??
    Another expensive mag (though very pretty) is Selvedge, a bit pretentious too, but nevertheless i asked for a subscription for Christmas.

  3. Oh, I just hate that! You see a new magazine and get all excited because it looks wonderful and is described as being wonderful, so you plunk down a pretty penny for it and when it comes....disappointment! because there is nothing to it! I have done that many a time. I subscribed to a magazine called "Cottage Home" and was so excited to get it. When it came, the "cottages" in it were all expensive, huge places with lots of "modern cottage" furniture and expensive "toys". Also, there were so many ads in it that it left little room for the actual articles! And the subscription was over $30.00 a year! I can tell you that I cancelled that in a hurry!

    So sorry that you had to be disappointed...hope you find another magazine that gives you everything you're looking for!



  4. Oh Radka, What a disappointment. You would think as it was the first magazine it would be packed with ideas to entice the reader in.

    Very very expensive magazine.

  5. Thanks for us know about the Leanne Magazine. Puh then I do not need to buy it.. I am waiting for Mc Call quilting 100 blocks magazine. I hope it is good !!!

  6. I am also stitching Christmas heart # 4 :-)

    I am so sorry that the magazine was a disappointment.
    By lesson learnt (by myself) I no longer sign up for anything before I have seen it in real life - except Lappemakeriets BOM.

  7. Hello Radka, what a disappointment!! I can fully understand your move to cancel the subscription immediately as this magazine obviously isn't doing it for you, and from your description, understandably so. I have had to stop buying most magazines, with only two subscriptions current, and probably considering dropping both when the time comes. On a happier note, your beautiful BOM pieces arrived to give you something lovely to work on. Happy stitching.

  8. That is a disappointment for you. I wouldn't be very happy with it either.


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