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Sunday, 28 November 2010

first sunday of advent

We went for a walk this morning, across the frozen fields. Most of the snow has gone now, but it is still very cold, so our walk turned out to be shorter and more brisk then normally.
       It was very nice to come back to a warm house and light the first advent candle

and get the advent calendar ready for our grandchildren.

All four stitcheries are now ready for my Christmas tablecloth. I just need to get some fabric for the back, put everything together and quilt it.


  1. Hmmmm, I smell Christmas. can you tell me what I typical size of a bread cloth would be?

  2. It is cold here today, too...16 degrees(F) when I got up this morning! The stitcheries for your Christmas tablecloth are delightful. And I watched your slideshow...all of your work is stunningly beautiful, Radka!



  3. I have just ordered some fabric for my christmas cloth and hope to receive it this week. So have no idea if I am going to finish it in time for christmas :)

  4. your hearts looks so nice! Hope you'll have a good time finishing the tabel cloth :-) hugs from Norway

  5. Agh, Looks like Christmas at yours is truly magical.

  6. Your hearts are beautiful! And I love that candle holder for the Advent! (Although here in Milano the Advent lasts 6 weeks and we are already at the 3rd one...I would need a longer one)

  7. Love your stitchery. The tablecloth will be beautiful to have on Christmas day.
    Happy days.

  8. Advent candles , decorations, snow yes Christmas is just around the corner. We have to wait a while to see if Christmas day is hot or cold our weather is so finnicky.

  9. How lovely that you light the candles on the lead up to Christmas. Your 'doll' looks very ethnic Radka, is there a particular story to it?? I like it very much. I also love the stitched squares you are doing and can't wait to see your finished project, it will be classy, as always. Stay warm. Thank you so much for your continuing support of my blog, I do so appreciate our friendship.

  10. Very beautiful stitchery, cant wait to see the final result, hope you post it soon....Waiting:)
    Can you please spare a little bit of your time for my new post, its something different I hope you enjoyed

  11. How lovely to see your christmas preparations Radka. Your stitching is gorgeous as usual.
    We will be eating out this Christmas as most of the family will be away. I am trying to be enthusiastic about the decorations though.


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