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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

embellished fabric book - project6 - autumn

After a fairly mild autumn the temperature is dropping, the weather man has even mentioned the word "snow"! I hope this applies only to the north of the country...
After growing up with snowy winters of the central Europe, it took a long time for me to get used to dark and wet English winters. But now I actually prefer them, however nice it is to see the the first snow. Living in the country as we do and the management of the roads here as it is, snow usually means being stranded....It is however fun for the children, and it also means that the schools around here remain closed in such times and the children can enjoy the brief spell of snow. I just hope that we will not get the repeat of the last winter, which was also very cold, for a very long time.

The pictures here are views from our upstairs window. I love the mist above the river which is flowing through the valley.

I collected some beautiful leaves, which were blowing around our garden, a couple of weeks ago, before the rain changed them into a wet mush. They made a lovely picture. The nature produced some spectacular colours this autumn.             
The photograph gave me an idea for another project for my fabric book.


  1. love the leaf embroidery...It seems that here in Ontario we are having much better weather than Europe, chilly but bright and sunny.

  2. What a beautiful view Radka, thank you for showing us. How lovely to wake up to that, beats a wheat paddock any day.......LOL..... I love the autumn leaf colours, and most importantly, your interpretation of them for your journal page. As always, your work is beautiful. Now, do I detect some hand rolled beads up in the top corner?? They look great.

  3. Stunning! I love all the differnet fabrics you have used and they look so real

  4. Very beautiful... its a creativity very nicely done, the leaf looks so adorable...

  5. Beautiful leaves, both real & created.


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