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Wednesday, 1 December 2010


I have been inspired to write this post by Hanne from Norway, who writes about a cake she bought in Germany, called Christollen. She is enjoying the cake very much and she is asking for a recipe.
Stollen, as known here in England for short, is a festive German cake (some call it bread) and there are many regional recipes for it, some including marzipan. Although I come from the Central Europe myself, the first time I heard about stollen was in the house of our German friends living in London, many years ago. (The Czechs have "vanocka", which is similar to stollen, but shaped to a plat.)
My friend got her stollen directly from Germany. In those days you could get very little foreign foods here in England, as I already mentioned in my "bread" post. But that has all changed now, we can get a large variety of foreign foods and our good food shops are one of the best in Europe. This is of course due to our multicultural society, we all expect to be able to buy the food we like and the shops have responded to this demand very well.
And so, we have been able to buy stollen, imported from Germany, for several years now. Some English bakeries have tried to make stollens to their own recipes, but there is no comparing, Germans do it best.
I must admit that I have never made a stollen myself. The German stollens we can buy here are very good, so there doesn't seem any point in making it myself.
I have my stollens, ready for Christmas.

The favourite one in our house is stollen with poppy seed filling, they are not so easy to get, but we make sure we "hunt it down" every year.

But back to Hanne's request. I have a recipe in one of my books and this is it. As I said before, I have never made one, but it might be worth trying it out if she wants to make one.


  1. Hello Radka, thanks for sharing this recipe, and a little about Stollen. Despite being of German descent, I know very few of their traditions. I suppose the first of our families to arrive here were 'encouraged' to sever ties with the homeland, and become Australian [when in Rome...........]. In the late 1860's multi-culturism was unheard of. I grew up with scones, sponge cakes, lamingtons, etc., and have never made a Stollen. Thank you for making me go to my recipe books to check if I've even got a recipe for one!!

  2. Radka, I too have some Eastern European background but have not baked or even considered baking one.
    Our local specialty shop has them in stock ready for the season as well as the more traditional fruit cakes. They also have gingerbread houses.

  3. Hello Radka, greetings from Slovakia :-) Stollen is a traditional cake in Slovakia (known since Austro-Hungarian Empire), especially for Christmas.
    As for bread making, do you know the site Breadtopia? There are great recipies, like No Knead Bread and many more :-)
    Have a nice day :-)

  4. We also know Christmas-Stollen here in Switzerland. Now in Advent it's time for baking all the various goodies and so I also bake, among other thins, "my" Stollen. You're right, there are so many different recipes, but I think the origin German Weihnachtsstollen includes marzipan.
    By the way I like the traditional Christmaspudding you have in England...mmmh!
    Have a lovely day!

  5. Hi Radka! I love Stollen! Cincinnati has a large German heritage and there are a lot of bakeries here that sell Stollen, so I've never felt the need to try to make one myself, either! Gosh, everyone is showing lovely photos of wonderful foods on their blogs at this time of year... I think I'm gaining weight just looking at them all! :o)



  6. Wow Radka my hubby just loves Stollen and always stacks up at christmas and buys it from Lidl xx

  7. Radka, we love Stollen. I made them for years every year! Now I buy them for DH and me! We do not need very much so it is easier to buy them ready made.


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