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Wednesday, 21 July 2010


Lavender is something you love or hate. I love it!

I have picked some of my lavender this morning for drying. The bees were not very happy, they tried to follow me into the house.

The lavender and the oleander have filled our conservatory with an intoxicated smell.

There is a lavender company not far from us, Somerset Lavender, where they grow lavender for their lovely products. I have bought some of my plants from them.
They have a small shop on site and a tea room, where I have for the first time tasted a lavender cake, a lovely sponge cake with small amount of lavender flowers in it.
I expected it to be a little overpowering, but in fact it tasted very nice.


  1. Uhh... The bees are so aggresive this year. They do not give up until the hit us. I love the lavendel. They are lovely to smell, taste and see. You are lucky to be able to pick them in your garden.

  2. Hi Radka! Thanks so much for your sweet comments about my "spa bag"! I so appreciate them, and am so happy to have you as a follower of my blog. I have just taken a peek at yours and I'm hooked! :o)

    I love lavender, too. I had some growing in my garden here in Ohio, but since we have long and wet winters, it only lasted a few years! :o( I do think I will plant more in the next year or so, though, because it is so delightful and smells so wonderful!

    A that your house in your blog header? That is one absolutely lovely house and right up my alley! I love cottages!

    Have a great day and I look forward to many visits!



  3. The lavender is beautiful and I can almost smell the aroma from here.

  4. I'm with you Radka, LOVE lavender and all of it's by-products. I actually buy and use goats' milk soap, perfumed with lavender. Love the oleander, although we don't grow them because of their toxicity. They are a mainstay in many gardens around here though. I love seeing your plants, you've got a very green thumb.

  5. Hi there...
    hope you dont mind me answering your comment on my blog here.. you were set as noreply and I couldnt email you back.. ( btw easily changed in your profile..)
    What a lovely comment you made about my exhibition.. thankyou so much... :o) Always nice to meet new fellow bloggers out there....
    You do have a wonderful wonderful your self..:o) ANd Lavender... ahhh.. I lOVE...:O)))) Wish it could grow in Sweden.. but not...:o( See you around...

  6. When I surfed in and saw the lovely green lawn I thought , not in Victoria Aus. Right again , lovely lush green lawn s are a thing of the past here in summer. Enjoyed all your posts and I ti love lavender.

  7. Haha, I think most bloggers have gone lavender potty recently! ;-D I did not realise you too had a blog entry about this blue loveliness, but I guess it is the sign of the times... ;-) Your photo of the tray and the basket create a lovely 'mass effect' and I agree with someone else above, who said that she could almost smell the aroma through your pictures...

    Thanks also for the tip. I shall check the Somerset lavender place out!

    Wishing you a lovely weekend,
    Helena, The Swenglish Home

  8. Looove Lavender!!!!!!! Such a wonderful relaxing scent and grows quite well here too. ALthough the last moggie we had used to jump all through it and break it! I have replanted and should have some lovely lavender this year fingers crossed. I like oleander but haven't planted it here because it is quite toxic. Could now that the girls are much older.
    Looks like you had a greta day out with your firnd too. Such wonderful places to visit and lovely purchases.


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