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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

stitching while away

When going away I am usually very optimistic about the amount of embroidery I am likely to do on holiday. And I always bring it all back, hardly touched. There is just so much going on besides.
This time wasn't much different.

I did however start a piece of hardanger, the emphasis being on "start"! As you know, hardanger requires a lot of concentration, not such a good idea for holidays.

I also managed to do more embroidery on some of the blocks for the Tail Feathers quilt. I found this was a good work to do on the ferries, as it is easy to do.


  1. I think you are doing very well stitching whilst away. The most I can do is plain knitting (can't read in the car)

  2. hello!

    Welcome to my blog and thanks for your very kind comment! I look forward to having a read through your blog, too! Very creative, I can see!

    I have not been writing much these last few days, but hope to get a chance to do some tonight! The summer is just too busy!

    Have a lovely summers day!


  3. Hello.
    In the car i usually do som easy knitting, so i dont have to consentrate so mutch.
    I wish you a lovly sommer.
    :) Susanne

  4. Lovely stitching Radka, as always. I love the colour choices you've made, and can't wait for you to have more to show us. Your holiday photos are beautiful, and I do trust you had a wonderful break away.

  5. Love the hardanger you have started. It is a challenge to get going but it quite often flows along nicely once it is on the go. That quilt you are working on looks fantastic. I've been knitting but must get on to some stitching again. Those cushion panels are calling me LOL.

  6. "Hardanger Stickerei" je zde na severu Nemecka tez velice znama.Mam velkou sbirku predloh a vysivek ale jen v bile barve.Tvuj ubrus je moc pekny.
    bye Jana


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