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Thursday, 8 July 2010

Sweden 2010 - some of the places we visited 1)

It would had been very easy just to sit and admire the scenery around us. But we know that Dalarna is full of wonderful places to explore and some of them we visited on our previous trips.

There is one place we decided to visit again, and that is the home of artist Carl Larsson and his wife Karin, in Sundborne near Falun, to the east of the lake Siljan.

Carl Larsson's pictures are well known, we have had some of his prints on our walls very long time.
But Karin was also very talented, mainly in textiles, embroidery and design, but like so many women of that time, she lived in her husband's shadow. It is even suggested that had she lived today, she would be more celebrated then her husband. I was interested to see some of her embroidered table linen and asked our guide if she knows what stitches they are, because I could not recognise them. Karin used to make up her own stitches as she went along.
This is the house they  lived in since 1888, and they had their 8 children here. I wanted to come here again, because I just love the house and I wish I could show you the inside, but photographs inside are not allowed, so I can only show you the house from the outside. Many of the Carl Larsson's paintings are of the life in the house, so if you know any of his work, you can use your imagination.

To the west of lake Siljan, in Mora, is the home of another well known Swedish artist, Anders Zorn and his wife, they lived here since 1896. Zorn was well travelled, he also spent some of his time in America. The house is very interesting inside, but yet again, no photographs. The picture on the right of the house is Zorn's studio.

On the north side of the lake is a village called Nusnas. It was here where in 1928 two brothers, Nils and Jannes Olsson started carving and painting wooden horses. Since then the wooden horse has become a symbol of Dalarna.
The horses are still made here. You can visit the factory and of course, very large tourist shop.
The horses are still hand carved and still decorated by hand. They are made in many sizes, and have become a sought after souvenir.
Of course I have bought some for my grandchildren, but gave it to them as soon as we got back, so I can't show you here.

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